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What is B.Voc.?

What is B.Voc.?

The higher education system has to incorporate the requirements of various industries in its curriculum, in an innovative and flexible manner while developing a holistic and well-groomed graduate. Realizing this need, the university Grants Commission (UGC) has launched a scheme on skills development based higher education as part of college/university education, leading to Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc.) Degree with multiple exit and entry options to a Diploma/Advanced Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree, under the NSQ (National Skill Qualifications Framework). The course content is developed based on NSQF, CBCS (Choice Based Credit System) and industry requirements with the objectives to achieve holistic personality development by imparting human centric learning, to impart skill-based education and to promote entrepreneurship among students.

Why did it come into picture?

 It has been a long felt need to align higher education with the emerging needs of the economy so as to ensure that the graduates of higher education system have adequate knowledge and skill for employment and entrepreneurship. His could e only fulfilled by allowing the youth or individuals of our country to indulge into a course that would not only enhance their knowledge in the respective field but would also provide them with the required skill and practical knowledge that would help them to acquire jobs as per industry requirements and their own choice in the long run. This course can even help out the individuals to take a step ahead and think of becoming entrepreneurs. It can e considered as an education which is flexible in providing knowledge and thereby helping them to groom.

Why should an individual join B.Voc programme?

  • It provides ajudicious mix of skills relating to a profession and appropriate content of general education.
  • It ensures that the students have adequate knowledge of skills, so that they are work-ready at each exit points of the program.
  • It provides flexibility to the students by means of pre-defined entry and multiple exit points.
  • It integrates NSQ within the undergraduate levelof higher education in order to enhance employability of the graduates and meet industry requirements.
  • It equips graduates to meet not only the needs of local and national industry but become part of the global workforce.
  • The program helps an individual to focus on practical skillsand gives an insight to the job requirements and thereby enhances employability for suitable jobs.

Eligibility for Admission in B.Voc.

  • The eligibility for admission in three years B.Voc. Degree program is 10+2 or equivalent, in any stream or 10thpass + 2 years of ITI.


The curriculum in each of the years of the program would be a suitable mix of general education and skill development components.

Skill Development Components

  • The focus of skill development components is to equip students with appropriate knowledge, practice and attitude, so as to become work ready. The skill development components are relevant to the industries as per their requirements.
  • The curriculum necessarily embeds within itself, National Occupational Standard (NOSs) of specific job roles within the industry sector(s). This enables the students to meet the learning outcomes specified in the NOSs.
  • The curriculum also focuses on work-readiness skills in each of the three years.
  • Adequate attention has been given in curriculum design to practical work, on-the-job training, development of student portfolios and project work.

General Education Components

 The general education component is based on normal university standards. It emphasizes and offers courses which provide holistic development. However, it constitutes 40% of the total curriculum. Adequate emphasis has been given to language and communication skills.

Credit Distribution as Suggested by UGC

NSQF Level


Skill Component Credits

General Education Credits

Normal Calendar Duration


Points / Awards


Year 3



Six Semesters



Year 2



Four Semesters

Advanced Diploma


Year 1



Two Semesters







 Examination and Assessment

  • The assessment for the general education component will be done by the university as per their prevailing standards and procedures.
  • The assessment for the skill development components should necessarily focus on practical demonstration of skill acquired. The university may undertake assessment in consultation with the respective Sector Skill Council or industry associations.
  • Based on the assessment as outlined above, the degree / diploma / certificate will be awarded by the respective University.
  1. Degree Programmes Offered by Vision Group Of Institution 

Vision Group Of Institution, the national leader in vocational education and skill development space, is now offering a  3-year Bachelor in Vocation (B.Voc.) degree program. Built on a combination of Practical, Theoretical and Generic course curriculum, the program is specifically designed to engage students in  on-the-job training at real shop-floor of the industry alongside classroom theoretical training.

Given that India is world’s fastest growing big economy, it will require a large and aptly trained workforce to feed this progress. At such a time, skill development and vocational education have become more relevant than ever. This program is specially meant for students looking to enhance their employability & employment prospects. It helps such students in learning, earning and growing professionally.


 The industries these days expect new employees to possess some practical skill in reference to their job profile. Our existing higher education curriculum lacks an appropriate practical approach to education. Therefore, this programme has been introduced by the University Grants Commission to cater to this need of businesses as well as youths.

The programme helps in ensuring that students have adequate skills, are work ready and have higher employability, making them a part of the global skilled workforce. Its curriculum offers a distinct amalgamation of vocational & business management ideas. Field visit, internships, guest lectures from industry experts and experimental as well as experiential learning are some of the regular parts of its curriculum. Moreover, the course mandates all the students to undergo industrial training or projects for a minimum of 4 to 8 weeks in every semester part from the regular course curriculum.

Programme Structure

The three-year programme is divided into 6 semester; with 2 semesters per year. The 1st two years of this program are in line with the Community College framework of the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). The unique proposition about the B.Voc. Comes from the fact that it provides flexibility to the students by means of pre-defined entry and multiple exit points – students can leave at the end of first year with a Diploma, at the end of second year with an Advanced Diploma or at the end of three years with a Degree, with corresponding National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF) grades of Level 5 for Diploma, Level 6 for Advance Diploma and Level 7 for Degree.

Also, the curriculum of Vision Group Of Institution’s B.Voc. Is crafted in lines with National Occupational Standards (NOSs) of specific job roles across the industries. This enable the students to met the learning outcome specified in the NOSs. Moreover, through this ‘Earn while you Learn’ approach model, the trainees can earn a modest stipend during their on-the-job duration of the programme.

 Experience in NSQF Schools Implementation

 As a part of our School Programmes, we offer all inclusive solutions for school students to acquire Vocational Training under Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Vocationalisation of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education under National Skill Qualifications Framework. Vision Group Of Institution’s journey under the project was started on May, 2016 in Nagpur under Automobile sector.

A comprehensive exposure in respective trade is given to the students through several guests lectures, Industry visits, interactive lectures, demonstration, role plays and many more based on the National Occupational Standards. Training of Trainers is also our major concern as their role starts from guiding the students in making the right choice till preparing the students as responsible and productive citizens of the country. The trainers were trained about the various aspects of vocationalisation of education along with the pedagogy and domain specific skills so that he/she can pick up the abilities of the abilities of the  students at the right stage and time and take necessary action to guide and provide them with relevant learning experiences for achieving realistic vocational goal or career.

Currently we are working with UGC Approved University across

All Over India. We are imparting NSQF aligned Vocational Training with  Vocational Trainers and 5 Vocational Coordinator under Agriculture, Automobile, Healthcare, Tourism & Hospitality and Food Processing sectors.

 Response from Students

 Even though the pilot B.Voc. Bach has been instituted in this year itself, Vision Group Of Institution is already receiving a phenomenal response from students all over the country. Being a nation-wide NSQF project partner for training school students till level 4, Vision Group Of Institution is garnering a lot of interest from students who are eager to pursue Level 5, 6 and 7 in vocational education. Most of these students are actively enrolling in Vision Group Of Institution’s B.Voc. In Automobile programme.

This reinstates our belief that vocational education will have a wide acceptance in few years times and will considerably help in solving our youth’s employability woes.

Three-Years Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc) Degree Programmes

SL. No.


Name of the Program



B.Voc. In Automobile Servicing


Tourism & Hospitality

B.Voc. In Hotel Management


Food Processing

B.Voc. In Food Processing



B.Voc. In Agriculture



B.Voc. In Patient Care Management

 Career Opportunities for B.Voc. Students

 Students pursuing Bachelor of Vocation programmes can opt for the appropriate employment, become business leaders, entrepreneurs and can help in he development of India’s economy.

A person can take an exit in-between the 3 years programme by taking a Diploma or Advanced Diploma & Degree. It is an industry and work integrated course. An individual’s knowledge and skill is valued at every level and he or she will be qualified for suitable jobs. The course consists of 70% vocational training or practical and 30% of general education. These days, industries expect employees to possess all types of practical skill and knowledge, so B.Voc. Degree programme caters to the needs of business and industries.

By this programme students get hands-on training in their respective field. Students can indulge in industry based experience which aims at developing the practical and sensory abilities that helps them serve better in industries and various organizations.

After completing B.Voc degree, one can start working immediately. As this degree programme is aimed at enhancing one’s skills for a particular job which other general degrees don’t allow, this gives individuals pursuing the degree an extra edge. Apart from this, people also get industry recognition which is very important. Not many people are aware of the fact that, these corporate tie-up with universities for providing training and internships at their organization to the students pursuing the degree. This means that these corporate recognize this degree and value it as well. They are well aware of that fact that the students have hands-on experience and possess the skill which they seek for, which as compared to other students having B.A. or B.Com degree, who just have the theoretical knowledge. This means B.Voc programme is largely associated with enlightenment of the programme beyond the books.

Once an individual acquires a required skill, he or she becomes totally independent as it gives them confidence about their respective field because now he/she owns the knowledge as well as the expertise. This programme incorporates the needs of various organizations in a flexible, manner that develops and grooms the individuals, that thereby helps them to meet the emerging need of the economy.

Therefore, it is evident that B.Voc degree is a highly significant and emerging programme which will be very much beneficial for our economy and for the individuals too as it will sharpen their both theoretical and practical knowledge and will help them serve our country better in job related areas.



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